The SeQual® Eclipse 5™ with autoSAT®
has the highest pulse dose O2 output of ANY portable oxygen concentrator with pulse settings 1-9 and bolus size up to 192mL.
The Next Generation: SeQual Eclipse 5™
Powerful Enough to be a Stationary System and Mobile Enough to Ambulate
Stay on the go! With Focus™ oxygen patients
remain active without sacrificing a quality oxygen system.

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FreeStyle_5-3.jpgFreeStyle™ & FreeStyle™ 5
FreeStyle offers a portable and efficient oxygen concentrator, enabling patients to remain as active as possible...
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AirSep - Innovate PSA and VPSA Oxygen Supply SystemsReliable Oxygen Delivery
Since the founding of AirSep one thing has always remained -
our commitment to innovation and customer service...

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The Powerhouse of Oxygen Reliable Oxygen Delivery
Since the founding of CAIRE Medical one thing has always remained -
our commitment to innovation and customer service...

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FreeStyle & FreeStyle 5 are equipped with UltraSenseTM technology, which provides a more sensitive pulse dose delivery than competitor devices, even those that include a “sleep mode” setting. The advanced intelligence built into the microprocessor of the FreeStyle family ensures fast, reliable pulse dose delivery in the first phase of inhalation, when the highest levels of gas exchange are occurring in the lungs. This gives providers and patients alike the peace-of-mind that with UltraSense, patients are reliably receiving the oxygen they need, when they need it most. Also, unlike any other POC on the market, UltraSense technology delivers a reliable pulse dose even when operated with up to 25 ft (7.62 m) of tubing, allowing patients to go the distance with FreeStyle.




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